Functionality is All Important in a Great Bathroom Remodel

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Functionality is All Important in a Great Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom looks a bit “seedy,” outdated, or even overly cluttered, it can be time for the resurrection of this much-used space. Changes can be simple, such as a lovely new vanity, a curbless shower for safety, or as complex as a total gutting and redo.

Most individuals should plan the budget first and decide what is most important to them, given the space size. While aesthetics count, remember that a bathroom must prioritize functionality over all else. Functionality is the purpose of a bathroom!

Experts in your area should be consulted to offer free evaluations, as measurements must be exact to increase the functionality. If you are honest with yourself, like many homeowners, your bathroom countertops are probably becoming dingy over time.

But also, the truth is, like many of us in our bathrooms, we struggle with a lack of space, and toothbrushes, makeup, and hair products can clutter up the bathroom fairly quickly! Cabinetry that is insufficient can clear up this problem immediately.

Cabinets can be over the sink or under the sink or even stand-alone shelving placed on the walls, or an extra bathroom shelf space created using glass, what are called “ceiling grazing towers,” and adding multiple smaller accent shelves in very small bathroom spaces.

Of course, plumbing plays a part in all of this, as well as the size and shape of tubs and shower stalls. It is a dance between beauty and functionality and takes precise measurements and design.

With all this said, the truth is that an uncluttered bathroom that is more functional is less stressful to use and, of course, more relaxing to use. The tendency to leave towels and toiletries out can become a habit and one that is hard to break, especially without enough storage.

Great cabinetry setups, however, can break the “clutter habit” much more easily. Being vain about your “vanity” and the look of your bathroom is something to be proud of, but for great results, an expert with years of experience is the best bet before any redo occurs!

Matching existing fixtures and cabinets is also important, so take advantage of any free evaluations by experts in your area before undertaking a bathroom remodel. Loving your bathroom again is possible and can usually be done within any budget!

B & B Contracting, with its 20-plus years of experience, can send in experts for a free evaluation and proceed within the budget and timeframe that individual homeowners are seeking. There is also a money-back guarantee, and any questions are welcome via phone or email. 

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