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Custom Kitchen Islands

Serving Delaware & Southeastern Pennsylvania

Custom Kitchen Islands: Does the island in your kitchen feel more like a waste of space than a useful addition to your kitchen? Or, do you dream of a kitchen with a multi-functional island? The home remodeling experts at B & B Contracting have a solution for you: a custom kitchen island designed to meet all of your needs! We design and install custom kitchen islands in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We can help you decide exactly what you need to make this the perfect addition to your space.

Call B & B Contracting today at 302-998-7907, and let’s start creating the kitchen island of your dreams!

Custom Kitchen Islands
Custom Kitchen Islands
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Custom Kitchen Island Solutions: Designing Your Ideal Island for a Perfect Kitchen

What do you imagine when you think about a custom kitchen island? Do you see your children sitting around eating breakfast in the morning or doing their homework in the evening? Perhaps you smile at the thought of extra storage space. When it comes to the design for your custom kitchen island, you have a lot of options, including:

  • Extra seating – A taller island will allow you to fit bar stools underneath, making it easier for family and friends to gather together in the kitchen.


  • More storage – Whether you want additional shelving or cabinets, a custom island will allow you more space. You could even use this space to store large, cumbersome kitchen appliances like our microwave, toaster, or mixer!


  • Unique design – Would you like a beautiful design carved into the wood of your kitchen island? Or, maybe you want the color of the cabinets here to be different than the rest of your kitchen? With a custom kitchen island, you get to decide!


  • More outlets – Wish you had more outlets in your kitchen? Make it possible with your individually designed island.

The truth is, there is no one size fits all option when it comes to kitchen islands. Your family’s needs are unique, so shouldn’t your kitchen island be, too?

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Q. What are custom kitchen islands?
Custom kitchen islands are specially designed and built islands that cater to your specific needs and preferences. They offer personalized features such as extra seating, more storage options, unique designs, and additional outlets, allowing you to create the perfect island for your kitchen.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing custom kitchen islands?
Custom kitchen islands offer several advantages. They maximize the functionality of your kitchen by providing tailored solutions, such as extra seating for family and friends, ample storage space for appliances and utensils, unique designs that match your kitchen’s aesthetic, and the convenience of having more outlets available for various kitchen appliances.

Q. Can a custom kitchen island fit into my kitchen space?
Yes, custom kitchen islands can be designed to fit your kitchen space perfectly. The dimensions and layout of the island can be customized based on the available space, ensuring a seamless integration into your kitchen design. Professional designers and contractors can help assess your kitchen area and create a custom island that optimizes both functionality and aesthetics.

Call B & B Contracting for Custom Kitchen Islands in Delaware

B & B Contracting has been a trusted home remodeling and home improvement service provider in the area for over a decade. In that time, we have worked hard to put our customers first, listening to their wants and ensuring that their upgraded spaces meet their needs. We are proud to say that this dedication to the families we work with has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. So, let us build your custom kitchen island, and join the long list of satisfied customers who have worked with B & B Contracting!

To get your custom kitchen island design started, contact us at 302-998-7907 today!

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