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Marble Countertop Installation

Marble Countertop Installation

If you are looking for countertops for your bathroom or kitchen that will give your space a look of warmth and sophistication, you may want to consider marble countertops.

Marble is quarried in many countries, including China, India, and Spain. It is a metamorphic rock that can be found in most countries throughout mountainous regions. This rock is durable, naturally beautiful, and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance – making it a great selection for custom countertop installation.

Contact B&B Contracting to receive a free quote for marble countertop installation in Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

marble countertop installation
marble countertop installation
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Marble Countertop Installation

With its durability and ease of care, marble has become an option for many highly worked areas in the home, including floors, fireplaces, table tops, wall cladding, and countertops. If you are looking to have custom countertops installed and you feel that marble may be a good choice for your kitchen, the team at B&B Contracting can help.

We’ll design a marble countertop that will fit perfectly in your space. Our custom countertops are designed, measured, and cut to fit perfectly, no matter how unique your kitchen layout may be.

Having custom marble countertop installation in your home can bring a feel of luxury to your space, while providing a surface that is generally easy to care for.

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Marble Countertops Available In Many Choices

Marble slabs come in many different styles and colors, allowing you to get the perfect look and feel for your home. One thing you should know is that marble can be damaged when mild acids are used directly on the surface, resulting in a loss of shine and overall poor look to the marble.

To avoid damage, we recommend you use a cutting board and being careful when using alcohol on your countertops to reduce the chance of damage.

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We Install Marble Countertops In…

Although we’re located in Wilmington, DE, we offer marble countertop installation
throughout Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We service:


Q. How long does it take to marble countertop installation?

The installation time for marble countertops can vary depending on factors such as the size of the project and the complexity of the design. On average, it takes approximately 1-2 days for the installation process, including measuring, cutting, and fitting the marble countertops into place. However, larger or more intricate installations may require additional time.

Q. What is the process for marble countertop installation?

The process for marble countertop installation typically involves several steps. First, the existing countertops, if any, are removed. Then, precise measurements are taken to ensure a perfect fit for the new marble countertops. Next, the marble slabs are cut to size, and any necessary edge profiling or shaping is done. The countertops are then carefully installed, leveled, and sealed to provide protection against stains and damage. Finally, any necessary adjustments and final touches are made to ensure a flawless installation.

Q. What are the benefits of choosing marble countertops?

Marble countertops offer several benefits when you choose a professional marble countertop installer. Their natural beauty and elegance, durability, and heat resistance make them an excellent choice for kitchens and high-traffic areas. A skilled marble countertop installer can ensure a precise and flawless installation, highlighting the unique colors and patterns that marble offers.

Q.Is professional marble countertop installation necessary, or can I install them myself?
Professional marble countertop installation is highly recommended. Marble is a delicate and expensive material that requires precision and expertise during installation. Hiring a professional for marble countertop installation ensures that the countertops are measured, cut, and installed correctly, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring a flawless result. Professional installers have the knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to handle marble countertops properly, ensuring optimal fit and long-lasting performance. Attempting to install marble countertops yourself may lead to costly mistakes and compromise the final outcome. It’s best to rely on the expertise of professionals for a successful marble countertop installation.

Custom Marble Countertop Installation in DE & Southeastern PA

Marble makes for an elegant addition to any home, and installing marble countertops are no exception. The team at B&B Contracting are experienced designing, cutting, and installing custom marble countertops – completing thousands of projects since we first opened our doors.
Our team of experts are trained to make sure your new countertops fit perfectly, whether they are being installed on top of counters already in
 place or you are looking for a whole new layout for your kitchen. B&B Contracting is known as one of the best home remodeling companies in the Deleware and Southeastern Pennsylvania areas, and we’ll work with you to guarantee you get the kitchen of your dreams. Contact our team
 for a free installation quote from the marble countertop experts at B&B Contracting.

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