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Next to Kitchen Tiles, Flooring in the Kitchen Enhances the Aesthetic

For years, hardwood flooring has held its place in the hearts of homeowners, even when cooking takes place. In the past, however, it was less durable and certainly not affordable for many.

The drawbacks of using hardwood were that it was not moisture-proof, and let’s face it, “oopsie” occurs in any cooking space. Technology has produced water-resistant stains and polyurethane sealers, so the chances of ruining this type of flooring have diminished, cutting down on the lifetime costs. Stains and sealers also eliminate the warping of hardwood.

In addition, there are new laminate-style flooring types that mimic true hardwood. Engineered wood flooring also entered the picture in the last decade. This mimic style has a core of plywood with only a layer of hardwood on top.

Hardwood, even if not natural, has an earthy and natural beauty. Property owners who already have it installed should avoid removing it, even if it is stained and warped. It can be refinished, sanded, and restored completely if a qualified installer is chosen for a makeover of a kitchen space.

If you are not a fan of hardwood plenty of other options exist though such as vinyl, tiles, ceramic, and stone, just to name a few. Some commercial properties with much traffic can even choose cement which if installed and properly sanded and buffed can look attractive.

When an aesthetic is chosen in any type of remodeling it is ultimately up to the property owner, whether commercial or residential, to pick what they enjoy but which is also functional but goes overall with the entire aesthetic throughout a space.

No hard and fast rules apply in home makeovers. To each, their own is the method that works best! Getting a professional consultation is the best way to go, and following suggestions made by a professional can lead to greater satisfaction.

A pleasing appearance, as well as durability and affordability, are the three measures of successful choice in flooring. You will be walking on a floor for years and decades, so remembering that will assist in choosing the best option.

B & B Contracting, with its 20-plus years of experience, can send in experts for a free evaluation and proceed within the budget and timeframe that individual homeowners are seeking. There is also a money-back guarantee, and any questions are welcome via phone or email. 

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