A Rundown of Possible Color Choices


A Rundown of Possible Color Choices

Repeating that there are no “hard and fast” rules, here is a brief primer (pun intended) on colors that stand out in homeowners’ minds, given their personalities: 

  • Warm colors

These are your wood tones, such as beige, mushroom, oak, and even some darker brown tones. The more “nature-inspired” these tones are, the more popular they seem to be now. These tones impart an organic look. 

  • Serene colors

These add a sense of serenity and incorporate real neutrality in color. Light greys and whites, beige or off-white, are popular when looking for a totally relaxed look in a kitchen. The ambiance here relaxes homeowners as well as guests. 

  • Popping colors 

These can be used in the entire kitchen but are usually complimentary to the wood colors of serene colors. These include shades of green, such as sage, and can make a more traditional or contemporary look just a bit more elegant and modernistic. 

Door jams, baseboards, and even moldings can be done in a popping color to add depth and dimension. 

  • Stark colors

Some homeowners favor a truly modern look. This generally includes pure black and white. This can be quite beautiful and, although not as warm and inviting, perhaps as other colors. If a home is modern overall in aesthetic, the color choices of black and white do blend a kitchen into the aesthetic. 

While all homeowners can be attracted to stainless steel appliances, those who enjoy stark colors favor the stainless steel look, and cabinets can also be stainless steel. “Sophisticated” is another word for stark coloring palettes. 

  • Renegade colors

There is no other way to describe cherry red, or blazing blue plus many other colors that fall on the farther ends of the color spectrum. Homeowners who favor this type of look can be unswayed by trends and very individualistic

Color palettes include both primary and tertiary (mixed colors to create a new color), and provide designers and remodelers with a great way to determine which colors can be combined and used with other colors to define an aesthetic in the best possible way. Color wheels are used to make the best choice. 

An Explanation of Colors for Kitchens

A good remodeling company that specializes in kitchens, such as B and B Contracting should be consulted when deciding on color choices. Small kitchens with little light benefit from lighter colors as they open up a space. 

Larger kitchens, with even large kitchen islands, can have more leeway as to which colors will work the best. Calling or emailing B and B Contracting is a good way to start considering color choices before any remodel. This should be decided before work starts

bb4contracting@gmail.com, or even call: 302-998-7907. Or use the handy form for a free quote! 

Enjoy picking out the colors and giving a fresh look to the “hub spot” of any home—the kitchen!


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