The Impact of Color Choices in Kitchen Remodeling

Most property owners can tell when a kitchen is aging. This is when a “redo” comes to mind. This can be focused on the entire kitchen, but sometimes only a “facelift” is needed. Repainting walls and replacing flooring are usually considered first. 

While this might be necessary, the replacement of appliances, cabinets, and countertops has a significant effect on the look, functionality, and aesthetic of a kitchen. There are other ways to look at updating a kitchen, and that is with new color schemes that go beyond the walls and flooring. 

Color has long been known to have different impacts on mood and other aspects of emotional reactions. Some psychological studies, such as that on Very Well Mind, suggest that physiological changes can occur due to colors, but that is yet to be proven. Increases in appetite and relaxation depending on color have been investigated, but no proof exists. 

The truth is that a kitchen is usually the hub of a household, where people gather to cook, chat, and eat. This is why homeowners should consider the color schemes of their kitchens and not just focus on layouts and appliances. An entire aesthetic should take into consideration the entire look of a kitchen. 

B and B Contracting specializes in the entire use and look of kitchen space, as well as its aesthetic appeal. The trained technicians have the knowledge necessary to make great suggestions for any homeowner.

Are There Any Rules for Color Schemes in Kitchens? 

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. Kitchens, however, vary greatly in size and layout, and the colors can be chosen to either make a space look larger or more modern or even just reflect the personality of the homeowner! 

Newer homes today and remodels favor neutral walls, with grey, beige, and white being the most common. A neutral wall color can lend itself to many different additional color schemes in the selection of accents, which include, of course, everything related to a kitchen. 

Back in 2022, some designers favored “off the chart” neutrals such as magnolia and other shades of neutrals that would not be considered neutral today. The trends are turning, according to Homes and Garden Magazine, in 2024. 


Now, the earthy look of kitchens is favored with natural wood tones and natural stone and granite that exude warmth. This is also a timeless look that will not easily go out of style and can last the lifetime of a kitchen.  With a focus on sustainability and open concept, “earthiness” in color choice works well for many homeowners. 

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