Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Even if a bathroom or kitchen is already recently remodeled, or a property owner wants a clean refresh, this is certainly something to consider. Kitchens and bathrooms are, after all, the most used spaces in any home or property. A few touches can add glamour and enhance the lighting and space in a bathroom or kitchen.

Usually, homeowners want to try something different in door handles, cabinetry, or simple aesthetics in paint. It all goes to taste and preference but the décor additions should match the overall themes in any kitchen or bathroom, whether ultra-modern or super-contemporary.

B & B Contracting can make suggestions that match any bathroom or kitchen, even after a full remodel is done as sometimes a little “extra spark” is what homeowners are seeking. Spring is the season when many individuals feel a sense of renewal in themselves and their surroundings.

Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen or Bathroom This Spring!

Some suggestions for a quick uplift to a kitchen or bathroom that only needs a little remodeling are the following and most designers agree with these subtle yet inspiring changes:

  • Mirrors

Old, pitted, chipped, or streaked mirrors in a bathroom do take away from the beauty of this space. Besides, mirror styles can vary and a larger mirror, if a bathroom remodel has the space for it can add depth and dimension and reflect light better. Mirrors now are more dimensional and come in a wider variety of sizes and styles than even ten years ago.

Mirrors can be full-length length or small ones can be installed depending on space and layout.

  • Cabinet hardware

There is such a variety of choices in cabinet hardware in remodeled kitchens and bathrooms it can be hard to pick what style to use. It is always good to try and match the aesthetic of the overall space, but some individuals prefer to be more renegade and creative, picking a style of cabinet hardware that is different from the total aesthetic.

From copper-burnished finishes to stainless steel to plain pulleys and knobs, the sky is the limit. The beauty of picking a type of cabinet hardware is that it is easily changed and can be done as many times as a homeowner wishes.

It is a great way to liven up a kitchen and bathroom remodel very affordably and keep the space exciting for a homeowner with results that can drastically change the look of a kitchen or bath.

  • Open face cabinets

These are not new but are seeing a resurgence of popularity. They open up a kitchen or bathroom by eliminating the cabinet doors. Especially in smaller spaces these are becoming increasingly requested and of course, can be suggested by B & B Contracting when doing a free evaluation.

The pros at B & B are on trend with the latest in design requirements and will ensure that all aesthetic and space-saving requirements are suggested when doing an evaluation.

  • New light fixtures

Recessed lighting opens up the visual as more space and produces a soft light that enhances any kitchen or bathroom. Wall light fixtures can be added for a more traditional look and to act as a functional showpiece.

Out of date are the round, globe-type fixtures in ceilings as these take up space and of course, make a kitchen or bathroom look outdated.

  • New paint

Even if tile exists in a bathroom or kitchen, it is now possible to paint over it as new types of paint have emerged in the past two decades. Designed to encourage the painting of a ceiling or bathroom in a light neutral tone or even white. This opens up the look of a space and reflects the light.

Some homeowners want glass cutouts in a ceiling if light exposure is possible by doing this. Light and bright is the name of the game no matter what the aesthetic chosen in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • Replacement windows

If small, dingy windows exist and it is possible to replace these with larger, more modern styles, then the “inviting look” of a kitchen or bathroom really explodes positively.

Not only is light let in but cold and heat are kept out as newer windows now are better insulated. Especially in a bathroom remodel replacing the windows assists in avoiding the shivers while bathing.

Summary–Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE

Spring is a time for rebirth in Wilmington, DE. Most homeowners start thinking about their homes and improvements on these. With the kitchen and bathrooms being focal points of daily living these areas can compel homeowners into a full remodel or just a basic “spruce up.”

B & B Contracting, with its knowledge of this area and the needs of the residents, does provide a free evaluation and is thorough in its knowledge of trends. Whether small improvements are needed or large, this is the premiere company to contact in this area.

Simply fill out the form on the website, email bb4contracting@gmail.com, or pick up the phone and call for immediate assistance: 302-998-7907.



What is Necessary for Bathroom Remodels that Last Lifetime

Bathroom remodel man

Bathroom Remodeling That Will Last Throughout a Lifetime 

Wilmington is a very diverse location. The age of residents can vary from 18 years of age to over 80 years of age. Many are property owners who spend their entire lives in this area, as it is rife with beauty and services. It is considered one of the best locations in the USA to work, raise children, and retire. This leads to lifelong residents.

The reality of aging in place, though, must be considered when considering a bathroom remodel. Some homeowners now simply request a “shower only” experience, but this leaves out the luxury of a bathtub. There is a way to have both a shower/tub combination by doing a great bathroom remodeling.

Even if space is short, the right company, such as B and B Contracting, can make a unique shower/tub remodeling that will be timeless, cost-affordable, and last throughout the years. Adjustments for age can be installed immediately or upgraded at a later date, as the initial bathroom remodel will lend itself to future installations of age-related requirements.

What is Necessary for Bathroom Remodels that Last a Lifetime? 

As stated at the beginning of this blog, not all additional features to a tub/shower installation need to be done immediately. The professionals at B and B Contracting can come in and evaluate the space requirements and set up the initial installation in such a way that “life span” requirements can be done immediately or in the future.

Some features to consider either immediately or in the future in a bathroom remodeling that includes a tub/shower combination are:

  • Grab bars

Even if not installing a tub, or if younger, grab bars are always a good idea in any bathroom remodeling of a tub or shower. Let’s be realistic: many slips and falls occur at any age in a tub or a shower.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), approximately 3 million falls occur per year in showers and/or tubs. The CDC notes that most falls occur sideways and a grab bar once footing is lost in a tub/shower can reduce the risk of falling completely.

  • Non-slip flooring in a shower/tub

While there are many choices of shower/tub flooring, from ceramic to glass, there are some that are definitely less slippery and this should be considered. Mobility issues can complicate the use of a bath/shower, and even if healthy, these can arise at any time in the future. Better prepared than be surprised by a fall.

  • Use of removable bathmats and strips 

Strips that provide traction can be installed during a bathroom remodel in any tub or shower. Unfortunately, they are not removable.

Bath mats, on the other hand, can be removed and placed into a tub or shower each time. It is best to invest in non-bacterial and anti-fungus mats, and B and B Contracting has knowledge of the best types to purchase.

  • Built-in soap dispensers and other tub/shower shelving

This is a great addition to any bathroom remodeling and any tub or shower. Many older homes do not necessarily come with spaces in the walls of the tub or shower for soap, shampoo, and other bathing necessities such as sponges and scrubbers.

There are ways to implement these built-ins where bathers are not reaching behind themselves or reaching outside a tub or shower to grab what is needed for cleanliness.

  • Shower heads and types 

There are dozens of choices of shower heads and types, from standard to rainfall shower heads. Safety for the most part is generally achieved with flexible shower installations that are attached to long flexible tubing whereas a user can spray when necessary without reaching and bending.

An unyielding and somewhat difficult-to-reach shower head can be distracting and the cause of a fall while a bather tangles with it. While these might not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other types, the less movement when showering or bathing, the less risk of falls. It is only common sense that most wet surfaces are slippery in nature.

  • Easy access in and out of a tub or shower or a combination

While some homeowners prefer to this day the old “claw foot” type tubs of yesteryear, and these are of course attractive, the reality is that crawling over a tub ledge, on into a bathtub over a ledge is not realistic as the years go on for most individuals. Easy access to a shower or tub is now done by a floor-level installation in bathroom remodeling, and of course, it prevents possible falls.

Bathroom Remodeling That Will Last Throughout a Lifetime 

An eye to the future in bathroom remodeling will not only enhance the value of a property but create added safety. B and B Contracting, with the years of experience needed, will provide a free quote.

 Anyone is encouraged to email bb4contracting@gmail.com or even call 302-998-7907.




Popular Styles of Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling 

Kitchen remodel in Wilmington

Popular Styles of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE 


Wilmington, DE, is home to many types of individuals, from the very young to retirees. It is close to both Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach, so some individuals spend their vacation time at second homes in the area. Only approximately 100 miles is separating Wilmington from the “Beach Hub” of these two locations.


With the above in mind, it is natural that homeowners have varying tastes in kitchen, bathroom, and even basement remodels, as the ages and uses are so different. New condos are prevalent, as are older homes.


Homeowners can fall in love with the overall “look” of a property yet not like the aesthetic of an older, and sometimes mismatched, kitchen, bathroom, or basement living space.


This is where B and B Contracting can assist. A free evaluation will assist property owners in deciding on the aesthetic that will either spruce up or completely remodel their kitchen, bathroom, and, if they wish, the basement. Rooms within a home can not match the exterior, or even each other, and this does take away from the beauty and the value.


While functionality is a priority, having a design theme apparent throughout a property lends more enjoyment. This is most apparent in a kitchen and bathroom where most individuals and guests spend their time.


The Most Popular Styles Chosen in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling



Especially popular with younger homeowners, this is a minimalist type of design with a clean, sleek look. Colors are generally neutral for the cabinets with stainless steel appliances in the kitchens.  


White can be popular, with marble countertops and even shelving that is more open concept, aka, no cabinetry to open. Bathrooms can have jacuzzi-type or whirlpool-style tubs. Sliding glass doors for step-in showers are usually chosen.

Modern is sometimes referred to as contemporary but follows the same style.


    Open Concept

Like the modern design, it is more minimalistic in both the kitchen and bathrooms. However, it truly is an open concept, and the kitchen can double as a family room, as there are no walls between the kitchen and the other living areas. Tables or snack bars can exist, and residents and guests converse with the cook while sipping a beverage and awaiting the meal.


Bathroom remodels to open concept are simply making more space in a bathroom via the use of strategically placed cabinetry and changing out fixtures to more sleek and slender types.


This is a common type of design in condominiums now and is also prone to neutral colors in cabinetry and, of course, stainless steel appliances



The name of this design style spells out what it would entail. It is the choice of many property owners as it is rather timeless. Many times a traditional kitchen or bathroom design does not need a full remodel but a nice spruce-up with more space added.


The cabinetry possibilities and appliance possibilities in kitchens are endless with traditional designs. Cabinets can be anything from solid oak or plywood and come in an astounding array of colors, from deep burnished wood choices to light wood.


The same approach to bathrooms is used, and a simple cabinetry replacement can make a world of difference in a bathroom’s appeal. This is why this is still a favored design style in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, the Traditional design is making a big comeback now. Since it is timeless, it cuts back on redoing and totally remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. A simple staining of cabinetry or changing of knobs and handles and rearranging space can be done every few years, ensuring a great look for decades.


Traditional kitchens generally come with solid wood cabinetry, and removing that for a cheaper alternative is not usually what appeals to homeowners, as real wood is priceless and timeless.


B and B Contracting can advise on how to update a Traditional design of a kitchen and bathroom with either a total remodel or just a change-up of certain features or a refresh!



This has been gaining in popularity for about a decade now. The “homey comfort” of this type of remodeling is generally done in kitchen remodels. Farmer sinks and stained glass cabinetry are often requested. Also called Farmhouse Sinks or Apron Sinks, these can be double-sided or single-sided.


They tie into the rustic appeal that individuals are seeking in the design or remodeling of a kitchen to reflect the overall rustic character of farmhouse-designed homes.


Of course, this style requires more care as there is a stained glass cabinet, and the farmer’s sink requires caution when cooking or using the sink.


Great to look at, this design does oftentimes add tremendous resale value to a home as there is no denying its “eye appeal.” Warm, cozy, and eye-catching would describe a kitchen remodel or refresh to a Farmhouse design.


Conclusion– Popular Styles of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE

All in all, Wilmington, DE, holds many styles of kitchens and bathrooms,


B and B Contracting with licensed and insured contractors can refresh or remodel any type of design. Basements are also separate living quarters or extra space, so keep that in mine!


Get your free quote today, or call 302-998-7907 or email bb4contracting@gmail.com.  


We promise the best service and quality possible in kitchen, bathroom, and even basement remodeling!  


Cabinetry – Kitchen/Bathroom/Basement Remodeler

Cabinets in Wilmington

Cabinetry Options: Kitchen/Bathroom/Basement Remodeling 

Nothing spruces up a home quicker than a kitchen or bathroom remodeling or even a basement remodeling. Since Wilmington, DE, has several types of homes and homeowners, aesthetic approaches that meet the needs of all individuals are needed. 

Not every home needs a full remodel of a kitchen or bath, and not all homeowners want this either. Remodels can be done in “phases,” which are usually less disruptive and, of course, easier on the wallet. 

Since both the kitchen and bathroom of a home are the most used, prudent homeowners, to maintain the value of their properties, do routinely remodel or refresh either a whole kitchen or bathroom or parts of it. The usage of these rooms leads to wear and tear, plain and simple. 

Much wear and tear shows on the cabinetry, with the constant opening and closing by all family members in the home. This happens both in the kitchen and bathroom, whether these are located on main floors or sometimes in an added remodeled basement. 

Humidity also plays a part in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements and affects the cabinetry. It can look worn and sometimes even feel “gummy” to the touch. This is where B & B Contracting, with decades of experience in the Wilmington area, can step in and assist homeowners in either a refresh or total installation of cabinetry. 

Popular Cabinetry Options for Kitchens/Bathroom/Basement Remodels 

Over the years, the options for cabinetry have expanded significantly, and the type and style will depend upon style, functionality, and budget. The choice of cabinetry does define an aesthetic in a kitchen, bathroom, or even basement remodeling. 

  • Custom cabinetry

Made of real wood usually, this is probably the most expensive of all the types. However, real wood imparts a beauty and depth that many homeowners seek, so it is and always will be a popular choice. 

  • Semi-custom cabinetry

More affordable and constructed of wood and other materials. Great for spaces that are hard to fit, such as nooks and crannies, or to achieve a look not available in solid wood custom cabinetry. It is easier to cut and add to other odd-angled spaces. 

  • Pre-made stock cabinetry

These are generally made out of plywood and are a very affordable option. They also have a beauty to them and an assortment of styles and colors. These are more durable than usually expected and, with care, can last for years. From a design standpoint, though, this type cannot be made to fit into every conceivable space. 

  • Glass front cabinetry

This type is used in kitchen and bathroom remodeling for aesthetic beauty and also as a way to showcase precious stemware or dishware. It can be used with solid wood or other materials, but the fact remains that glass can shatter eventually. Care is needed when choosing this option of cabinetry. 

B & B Contracting can advise using a combination of cabinetry in a kitchen, bathroom, or even a basement. Cabinetry is not only pleasing to the eye but utilitarian as well, and all factors of usage must be weighed. 

With a devotion to satisfaction and a long history of what Wilmington, DE, residents like B & B Contracting offer a free evaluation to assist homeowners in the correct choice of cabinetry and remodeling.  

Cabinets Need Professional Installation for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Basements

While many homeowners can try to DIY cabinet replacement, the results are often abysmal at bestMoney and time are wasted, not saved as precision is needed. Poorly installed cabinets can be difficult to open or close. They also can open by themselves, and cracks and crevices can be apparent between the cabinets. 

Instead of enhancing a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel, bad installation of cabinets can make a home look worse, not better. These spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms, are the most noticed by visitors and, if a home is being sold, by buyers. 

Summary– Cabinetry Options for Kitchens/ Bathrooms/ Basement Remodeling 

A great kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling company, B & B Contracting, serves the Wilmington area and has decades of experience, a free evaluation, affordable pricing, and, of course, the best customer service possible. 

No work starts until B & B Contracting determines the best type and style of cabinets. The usage of cabinets does differ among homeowners, and this is taken into account. 

Size, shape, price, and other variables such as style will be discussed so that each client comes away with the best experience possible with this premiere provider of cabinets in the remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, and even basements.

Use the online form, email bb4contracting@gmail.com, or call 302-998-7907.

Find out now how great a kitchen, bathroom, and basement can look with a “cabinet refresh”! 

For more information, visit our website at https://bb4contracting.com/ or call us at 302-998-7907 for an estimate or quote.

Top Rated Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Kitchen remodel in wilmington

Kitchens are called the heart of the house where people not only enjoy cooking but also have delightful conversations, family gatherings and pleasurable moments. Remodeling gives a new and fresh look to the kitchen and increases the resale value of the property in future. According to National Association of Realtors research 2022, 43% consumers experienced greater functionality and livability after remodeling their kitchen space completely. As it is a very personal space, everyone has different preferences about it. 

B&B Contracting  is one of the top ten kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE that have been providing excellent services since 2001. They are a family-owned business operating in Delaware and south-eastern Pennsylvania. Their personalized and exemplary remodeling services have credited them with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. They have acquired a growing reputation and respect among their clients, over the years, for their completed projects. They are proud of their regular customer base, strong referrals, and highly skilled professional staff. B&B Contracting professionals emphasize on every detail and provide equal quality services to all the projects from simple home repairs to complete remodeling projects. 

B&B Contracting  accomplishes the project comprehensively by choosing material for cabinets, countertops, flooring and backsplashes carefully keeping in view the taste of the homeowner. They understand that any remodeling project requires accurate measurement, adequate designing, close estimation and expert installation of the required elements in the kitchen, hence work with excellent workmanship in all these areas. They take care of the other small works occurring in course of the completion of the project. B&B Contracting have acquired the best place among the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington because of the following reasons:

  • Genuine consultation regarding the remodeling process
  • Free project estimates
  • Appropriate knowledge and mastery in kitchen remodeling
  • Significant experience in remodeling any part of the house with precision 
  • Adequate guidance and support in transforming your kitchen into a more functional and enjoyable space
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Professional and skilled staff
  • Emphasis on fulfilling client’s requirements and meeting their expectations
  • Customer support and involvement throughout the remodeling reprocess
  • Offer eco-friendly accreditations
  • Offer extended warranty
  • Offer emergency services also. 

B&B Contracting are a residential building and remodeling contractor with the above mentioned attributes to their credit. If someone is looking for high-quality and personalized services, they can consider B&B Contracting who are proud to have a good customer base in the field of kitchen remodeling services in Wilmington, DE. Their comprehensive kitchen remodeling services include:

Cabinet Replacement

Cabinets are a significant element of a kitchen. Skillfully installed cabinets not only keep the kitchen organized but also increase the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. It is also  the most expensive part of a kitchen remodeling project. Hence, B&B Contracting helps the homeowners to decide what material and designing would suit their kitchen. They help them to pick a suitable and affordable style for their kitchen and ensure its proper installation. The carpentry experts in B&B Contracting help in creating custom cabinets as per the needs of the clients enhancing the aesthetics of their kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are popular in contemporary kitchen designs. These are elegant looking  free standing units used mainly for pre-cooking chores, dining and storage. They increase the functionality and aesthetics of the cooking space. B&B Contracting provides the best solution for the proper utilization of the space. They come up with great ideas as to how their clients can make the perfect use of space in their kitchen by customizing the most suited kitchen island for their kitchen.


Countertops are a significant element of a kitchen as they create a space for carrying out smooth cooking preparations. B&B Contracting are experts in installing a variety of countertops as per the requirements of the clients. They provide many options to the customers to choose from the most prevalent countertop materials like quartz, granite,ceramic,marble tops and engineered tops. They understand the significance of a countertop in enhancing the aesthetics of a kitchen, hence they are attentive while selecting the material as per client’s needs and installing it with perfection.

Backsplash Installation 

Backsplash installation is also an important step in kitchen remodeling that increases the aesthetic value of the space and also protects the walls from water, grease and other kinds of mess, especially behind stoves and sinks. It can extend from a few inches to several inches off the wall.  B&B Contracting have experience in installing eye-catching backsplashes with perfection. They use high quality and trendy material considering the choice of their clients.

Kitchen Tile Installation

Kitchen tiles installation is a great way of remodeling your kitchen. It gives the kitchen a contemporary look and enhances the appearance of the space. Tiles are easy to clean and require less maintenance. There are a variety of tiles available in the market, the most common being ceramic, glazed, mosaic, natural stone and quarry etc. B&B Contracting installs tiles with great finishing and perfection. They help the clients in selecting the best suited tiles for their kitchens and install them with exceptional finishing.

B&B Contracting are the leading contractors in Wilmington, DE who are highly experienced in remodeling different spaces in a house including kitchen, bathrooms and basements. They offer commendable services and workmanship in kitchen remodeling,  making themselves the best option in this field. B&B Contracting is always ready to help in turning  their customers’ vision into reality. They pay heed to the minutest requirements and needs of the homeowners while carrying out the remodeling project.

Their dedication in  bringing the best results out of the remodeling process is commendable.Their professional team, skilled technicians, great sense of designing, focused workmanship make them top notch kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should we select the best kitchen remodeling contractors in  Wilmington,DE for our home ?

The expertise, experience, affordability, workmanship, communication and on time completion of the project are some of the attributes we should look for while selecting the kitchen remodeling contractor. 

2.Which is the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Wilmington, DE?

B&B Contracting is the best among the top ranking kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE.

3.What do  kitchen remodeling contractors do?

Kitchen remodeling contractors make changes in the kitchen area to get an improved look and better functionality of this space.

4. What areas are included in a kitchen remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling includes improvements and renovations in cabinets, floors, countertops, backsplash and tiles, kitchen islands etc.

5. Why is kitchen remodeling required?

Kitchen remodeling is required to increase the functionality, livability and aesthetics of the kitchen.It also increases the resale value of the house.