Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Even if a bathroom or kitchen is already recently remodeled, or a property owner wants a clean refresh, this is certainly something to consider. Kitchens and bathrooms are, after all, the most used spaces in any home or property. A few touches can add glamour and enhance the lighting and space in a bathroom or kitchen.

Usually, homeowners want to try something different in door handles, cabinetry, or simple aesthetics in paint. It all goes to taste and preference but the décor additions should match the overall themes in any kitchen or bathroom, whether ultra-modern or super-contemporary.

B & B Contracting can make suggestions that match any bathroom or kitchen, even after a full remodel is done as sometimes a little “extra spark” is what homeowners are seeking. Spring is the season when many individuals feel a sense of renewal in themselves and their surroundings.

Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen or Bathroom This Spring!

Some suggestions for a quick uplift to a kitchen or bathroom that only needs a little remodeling are the following and most designers agree with these subtle yet inspiring changes:

  • Mirrors

Old, pitted, chipped, or streaked mirrors in a bathroom do take away from the beauty of this space. Besides, mirror styles can vary and a larger mirror, if a bathroom remodel has the space for it can add depth and dimension and reflect light better. Mirrors now are more dimensional and come in a wider variety of sizes and styles than even ten years ago.

Mirrors can be full-length length or small ones can be installed depending on space and layout.

  • Cabinet hardware

There is such a variety of choices in cabinet hardware in remodeled kitchens and bathrooms it can be hard to pick what style to use. It is always good to try and match the aesthetic of the overall space, but some individuals prefer to be more renegade and creative, picking a style of cabinet hardware that is different from the total aesthetic.

From copper-burnished finishes to stainless steel to plain pulleys and knobs, the sky is the limit. The beauty of picking a type of cabinet hardware is that it is easily changed and can be done as many times as a homeowner wishes.

It is a great way to liven up a kitchen and bathroom remodel very affordably and keep the space exciting for a homeowner with results that can drastically change the look of a kitchen or bath.

  • Open face cabinets

These are not new but are seeing a resurgence of popularity. They open up a kitchen or bathroom by eliminating the cabinet doors. Especially in smaller spaces these are becoming increasingly requested and of course, can be suggested by B & B Contracting when doing a free evaluation.

The pros at B & B are on trend with the latest in design requirements and will ensure that all aesthetic and space-saving requirements are suggested when doing an evaluation.

  • New light fixtures

Recessed lighting opens up the visual as more space and produces a soft light that enhances any kitchen or bathroom. Wall light fixtures can be added for a more traditional look and to act as a functional showpiece.

Out of date are the round, globe-type fixtures in ceilings as these take up space and of course, make a kitchen or bathroom look outdated.

  • New paint

Even if tile exists in a bathroom or kitchen, it is now possible to paint over it as new types of paint have emerged in the past two decades. Designed to encourage the painting of a ceiling or bathroom in a light neutral tone or even white. This opens up the look of a space and reflects the light.

Some homeowners want glass cutouts in a ceiling if light exposure is possible by doing this. Light and bright is the name of the game no matter what the aesthetic chosen in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • Replacement windows

If small, dingy windows exist and it is possible to replace these with larger, more modern styles, then the “inviting look” of a kitchen or bathroom really explodes positively.

Not only is light let in but cold and heat are kept out as newer windows now are better insulated. Especially in a bathroom remodel replacing the windows assists in avoiding the shivers while bathing.

Summary–Spring Spruce Ups–Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE

Spring is a time for rebirth in Wilmington, DE. Most homeowners start thinking about their homes and improvements on these. With the kitchen and bathrooms being focal points of daily living these areas can compel homeowners into a full remodel or just a basic “spruce up.”

B & B Contracting, with its knowledge of this area and the needs of the residents, does provide a free evaluation and is thorough in its knowledge of trends. Whether small improvements are needed or large, this is the premiere company to contact in this area.

Simply fill out the form on the website, email bb4contracting@gmail.com, or pick up the phone and call for immediate assistance: 302-998-7907.



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