Popular Styles of Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling 

Kitchen remodel in Wilmington

Popular Styles of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE 


Wilmington, DE, is home to many types of individuals, from the very young to retirees. It is close to both Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach, so some individuals spend their vacation time at second homes in the area. Only approximately 100 miles is separating Wilmington from the “Beach Hub” of these two locations.


With the above in mind, it is natural that homeowners have varying tastes in kitchen, bathroom, and even basement remodels, as the ages and uses are so different. New condos are prevalent, as are older homes.


Homeowners can fall in love with the overall “look” of a property yet not like the aesthetic of an older, and sometimes mismatched, kitchen, bathroom, or basement living space.


This is where B and B Contracting can assist. A free evaluation will assist property owners in deciding on the aesthetic that will either spruce up or completely remodel their kitchen, bathroom, and, if they wish, the basement. Rooms within a home can not match the exterior, or even each other, and this does take away from the beauty and the value.


While functionality is a priority, having a design theme apparent throughout a property lends more enjoyment. This is most apparent in a kitchen and bathroom where most individuals and guests spend their time.


The Most Popular Styles Chosen in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling



Especially popular with younger homeowners, this is a minimalist type of design with a clean, sleek look. Colors are generally neutral for the cabinets with stainless steel appliances in the kitchens.  


White can be popular, with marble countertops and even shelving that is more open concept, aka, no cabinetry to open. Bathrooms can have jacuzzi-type or whirlpool-style tubs. Sliding glass doors for step-in showers are usually chosen.

Modern is sometimes referred to as contemporary but follows the same style.


    Open Concept

Like the modern design, it is more minimalistic in both the kitchen and bathrooms. However, it truly is an open concept, and the kitchen can double as a family room, as there are no walls between the kitchen and the other living areas. Tables or snack bars can exist, and residents and guests converse with the cook while sipping a beverage and awaiting the meal.


Bathroom remodels to open concept are simply making more space in a bathroom via the use of strategically placed cabinetry and changing out fixtures to more sleek and slender types.


This is a common type of design in condominiums now and is also prone to neutral colors in cabinetry and, of course, stainless steel appliances



The name of this design style spells out what it would entail. It is the choice of many property owners as it is rather timeless. Many times a traditional kitchen or bathroom design does not need a full remodel but a nice spruce-up with more space added.


The cabinetry possibilities and appliance possibilities in kitchens are endless with traditional designs. Cabinets can be anything from solid oak or plywood and come in an astounding array of colors, from deep burnished wood choices to light wood.


The same approach to bathrooms is used, and a simple cabinetry replacement can make a world of difference in a bathroom’s appeal. This is why this is still a favored design style in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, the Traditional design is making a big comeback now. Since it is timeless, it cuts back on redoing and totally remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. A simple staining of cabinetry or changing of knobs and handles and rearranging space can be done every few years, ensuring a great look for decades.


Traditional kitchens generally come with solid wood cabinetry, and removing that for a cheaper alternative is not usually what appeals to homeowners, as real wood is priceless and timeless.


B and B Contracting can advise on how to update a Traditional design of a kitchen and bathroom with either a total remodel or just a change-up of certain features or a refresh!



This has been gaining in popularity for about a decade now. The “homey comfort” of this type of remodeling is generally done in kitchen remodels. Farmer sinks and stained glass cabinetry are often requested. Also called Farmhouse Sinks or Apron Sinks, these can be double-sided or single-sided.


They tie into the rustic appeal that individuals are seeking in the design or remodeling of a kitchen to reflect the overall rustic character of farmhouse-designed homes.


Of course, this style requires more care as there is a stained glass cabinet, and the farmer’s sink requires caution when cooking or using the sink.


Great to look at, this design does oftentimes add tremendous resale value to a home as there is no denying its “eye appeal.” Warm, cozy, and eye-catching would describe a kitchen remodel or refresh to a Farmhouse design.


Conclusion– Popular Styles of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Wilmington, DE

All in all, Wilmington, DE, holds many styles of kitchens and bathrooms,


B and B Contracting with licensed and insured contractors can refresh or remodel any type of design. Basements are also separate living quarters or extra space, so keep that in mine!


Get your free quote today, or call 302-998-7907 or email bb4contracting@gmail.com.  


We promise the best service and quality possible in kitchen, bathroom, and even basement remodeling!  


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