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Cabinetry Options: Kitchen/Bathroom/Basement Remodeling 

Nothing spruces up a home quicker than a kitchen or bathroom remodeling or even a basement remodeling. Since Wilmington, DE, has several types of homes and homeowners, aesthetic approaches that meet the needs of all individuals are needed. 

Not every home needs a full remodel of a kitchen or bath, and not all homeowners want this either. Remodels can be done in “phases,” which are usually less disruptive and, of course, easier on the wallet. 

Since both the kitchen and bathroom of a home are the most used, prudent homeowners, to maintain the value of their properties, do routinely remodel or refresh either a whole kitchen or bathroom or parts of it. The usage of these rooms leads to wear and tear, plain and simple. 

Much wear and tear shows on the cabinetry, with the constant opening and closing by all family members in the home. This happens both in the kitchen and bathroom, whether these are located on main floors or sometimes in an added remodeled basement. 

Humidity also plays a part in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements and affects the cabinetry. It can look worn and sometimes even feel “gummy” to the touch. This is where B & B Contracting, with decades of experience in the Wilmington area, can step in and assist homeowners in either a refresh or total installation of cabinetry. 

Popular Cabinetry Options for Kitchens/Bathroom/Basement Remodels 

Over the years, the options for cabinetry have expanded significantly, and the type and style will depend upon style, functionality, and budget. The choice of cabinetry does define an aesthetic in a kitchen, bathroom, or even basement remodeling. 

  • Custom cabinetry

Made of real wood usually, this is probably the most expensive of all the types. However, real wood imparts a beauty and depth that many homeowners seek, so it is and always will be a popular choice. 

  • Semi-custom cabinetry

More affordable and constructed of wood and other materials. Great for spaces that are hard to fit, such as nooks and crannies, or to achieve a look not available in solid wood custom cabinetry. It is easier to cut and add to other odd-angled spaces. 

  • Pre-made stock cabinetry

These are generally made out of plywood and are a very affordable option. They also have a beauty to them and an assortment of styles and colors. These are more durable than usually expected and, with care, can last for years. From a design standpoint, though, this type cannot be made to fit into every conceivable space. 

  • Glass front cabinetry

This type is used in kitchen and bathroom remodeling for aesthetic beauty and also as a way to showcase precious stemware or dishware. It can be used with solid wood or other materials, but the fact remains that glass can shatter eventually. Care is needed when choosing this option of cabinetry. 

B & B Contracting can advise using a combination of cabinetry in a kitchen, bathroom, or even a basement. Cabinetry is not only pleasing to the eye but utilitarian as well, and all factors of usage must be weighed. 

With a devotion to satisfaction and a long history of what Wilmington, DE, residents like B & B Contracting offer a free evaluation to assist homeowners in the correct choice of cabinetry and remodeling.  

Cabinets Need Professional Installation for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Basements

While many homeowners can try to DIY cabinet replacement, the results are often abysmal at bestMoney and time are wasted, not saved as precision is needed. Poorly installed cabinets can be difficult to open or close. They also can open by themselves, and cracks and crevices can be apparent between the cabinets. 

Instead of enhancing a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel, bad installation of cabinets can make a home look worse, not better. These spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms, are the most noticed by visitors and, if a home is being sold, by buyers. 

Summary– Cabinetry Options for Kitchens/ Bathrooms/ Basement Remodeling 

A great kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling company, B & B Contracting, serves the Wilmington area and has decades of experience, a free evaluation, affordable pricing, and, of course, the best customer service possible. 

No work starts until B & B Contracting determines the best type and style of cabinets. The usage of cabinets does differ among homeowners, and this is taken into account. 

Size, shape, price, and other variables such as style will be discussed so that each client comes away with the best experience possible with this premiere provider of cabinets in the remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, and even basements.

Use the online form, email, or call 302-998-7907.

Find out now how great a kitchen, bathroom, and basement can look with a “cabinet refresh”! 

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