Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Wilmington, DE

kitchen remodeling contractors in Welmington, DE

Kitchens are called the heart of the house where people not only enjoy cooking but also have delightful conversations, family gatherings and pleasurable moments. Remodeling gives a new and fresh look to the kitchen and increases the resale value of the property in future. According to National Association of Realtors research 2022, 43% consumers experienced greater functionality and livability after remodeling their kitchen space completely. As it is a very personal space, everyone has different preferences about it. 

Hence, it is important to find a professional who can help with designing, genuine estimation, and purchasing of quality material throughout the remodeling process of the kitchen. Here is a list of the top ten kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE.

Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Wilmington, DE

1. B&B Contracting, L.L.C., no.1 kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington

 B&B Contracting  is one of the top ten kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE that have been providing excellent services since 2001. They are a family-owned business operating in Delaware and south-eastern Pennsylvania. Their personalized and exemplary remodeling services have credited them with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. They have acquired a growing reputation and respect among their clients, over the years, for their completed projects. They are proud of their regular customer base, strong referrals, and highly skilled professional staff. B&B Contracting professionals emphasize on every detail and provide equal quality services to all the projects from simple home repairs to complete remodeling projects. 

B&B Contracting  accomplishes the project comprehensively by choosing material for cabinets, countertops, flooring and backsplashes carefully keeping in view the taste of the homeowner. They understand that any remodeling project requires accurate measurement, adequate designing, close estimation and expert installation of the required elements in the kitchen, hence work with excellent workmanship in all these areas. They take care of the other small works occurring in course of the completion of the project. B&B Contracting have acquired the best place among the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington because of the following reasons:

  • Genuine consultation regarding the remodeling process
  • Free project estimates
  • Appropriate knowledge and mastery in kitchen remodeling
  • Significant experience in remodeling any part of the house with precision 
  • Adequate guidance and support in transforming your kitchen into a more functional and enjoyable space
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Professional and skilled staff
  • Emphasis on fulfilling client’s requirements and meeting their expectations
  • Customer support and involvement throughout the remodeling reprocess
  • Offer eco-friendly accreditations
  • Offer extended warranty
  • Offer emergency services also. 

B&B Contracting are a residential building and remodeling contractor with the above mentioned attributes to their credit. If someone is looking for high-quality and personalized services, they can consider B&B Contracting who are proud to have a good customer base in the field of kitchen remodeling services in Wilmington, DE. Their comprehensive kitchen remodeling services include:

Cabinet Replacement

Cabinets are a significant element of a kitchen. Skillfully installed cabinets not only keep the kitchen organized but also increase the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. It is also  the most expensive part of a kitchen remodeling project. Hence, B&B Contracting helps the homeowners to decide what material and designing would suit their kitchen. They help them to pick a suitable and affordable style for their kitchen and ensure its proper installation. The carpentry experts in B&B Contracting help in creating custom cabinets as per the needs of the clients enhancing the aesthetics of their kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are popular in contemporary kitchen designs. These are elegant looking  free standing units used mainly for pre-cooking chores, dining and storage. They increase the functionality and aesthetics of the cooking space. B&B Contracting provides the best solution for the proper utilization of the space. They come up with great ideas as to how their clients can make the perfect use of space in their kitchen by customizing the most suited kitchen island for their kitchen.


Countertops are a significant element of a kitchen as they create a space for carrying out smooth cooking preparations. B&B Contracting are experts in installing a variety of countertops as per the requirements of the clients. They provide many options to the customers to choose from the most prevalent countertop materials like quartz, granite,ceramic,marble tops and engineered tops. They understand the significance of a countertop in enhancing the aesthetics of a kitchen, hence they are attentive while selecting the material as per client’s needs and installing it with perfection.

Backsplash Installation 

Backsplash installation is also an important step in kitchen remodeling that increases the aesthetic value of the space and also protects the walls from water, grease and other kinds of mess, especially behind stoves and sinks. It can extend from a few inches to several inches off the wall.  B&B Contracting have experience in installing eye-catching backsplashes with perfection. They use high quality and trendy material considering the choice of their clients.

Kitchen Tile Installation

Kitchen tiles installation is a great way of remodeling your kitchen. It gives the kitchen a contemporary look and enhances the appearance of the space. Tiles are easy to clean and require less maintenance. There are a variety of tiles available in the market, the most common being ceramic, glazed, mosaic, natural stone and quarry etc. B&B Contracting installs tiles with great finishing and perfection. They help the clients in selecting the best suited tiles for their kitchens and install them with exceptional finishing.

B&B Contracting are the leading contractors in Wilmington, DE who are highly experienced in remodeling different spaces in a house including kitchen, bathrooms and basements. They offer commendable services and workmanship in kitchen remodeling,  making themselves the best option in this field. B&B Contracting is always ready to help in turning  their customers’ vision into reality. They pay heed to the minutest requirements and needs of the homeowners while carrying out the remodeling project.

Their dedication in  bringing the best results out of the remodeling process is commendable.Their professional team, skilled technicians, great sense of designing, focused workmanship make them top notch kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE

2. Fine remodeling 

Located in New Castle County, Fine Remodeling is a licensed company offering their services in home renovations. It has been practicing as a general contractor since 2011 and provides services related to consultation, design and construction. It is one of the top ten kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington,DE. They believe in helping their clients with honest and detailed construction projects including traditional and contemporary kitchen remodeling designs.

3. First State Design Center

First State Design Center offers comprehensive kitchen and bathroom remodeling services in  Wilmington, DE for more than three decades. They claim to provide utmost customer satisfaction with their superior quality cabinetry and countertops at competitive prices. They believe in customer involvement from the designing till finishing of the projects. You can rely on First State Design Center for remodeling your kitchen as per your choice.

4. Martin’s Home Improvement

Martin’s Home Improvement, sought after kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE, provide simple home repair as well as complete remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms etc.They have the experience and capabilities to install cabinets, countertops, flooring to give a fresh new look to your kitchen. They encourage customers’ involvement throughout the process of remodeling to understand and fulfill their expectations. Martin’s Home Improvement team specializes in building and mechanical knowledge to carry out the remodeling perfectly. Moreover, they have good communication with the crew, supplies and equipment to complete the project smoothly.  

5. Ferris Home Improvements

Ferris Home Renovations Are a family owned and operated business providing quality services in home improvements in the Delaware community. Their experience in providing services in remodeling kitchens extends to four decades. They provide their customers with design plans and 3D color rendering to help them fully visualize how the complete remodeling would look like. They opt for the best brands in cabinets and other kitchen elements to fulfill the designs, functionality and quality to the kitchen remodeling.   

6. Calhan Bath and Kitchen

Founded in 2016 with the name Delaware Home Pros, as general contractor and later renamed as Calhan Bath and Kitchen, is a BBB accredited company with A+ ratings in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.It provides variety of traditional and contemporary designs with extended warranty to its customers.The business is growing well based on its simple philosophy of providing quality at reasonable prices. The owner, Dan Calhan is well experienced in estimation, installations,supervision and sales areas  and also provides training to the other remodeling companies in the area.

7. Custom Creations by Design

Custom Creations by Design was established in 2007 and since then has grown considerable business in kitchen remodeling. The owner, Scott Gillespie ensures that the projects are completed with elegance and finest quality. The company claims to have highly skilled installers and offers one year warranty on labor. It has got certification from National Kitchen+Bath Association. Moreover, their personalized services and trusting relationship with clients has helped them gain customer goodwill.   

8. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchens and Bath Ltd.

Jenifer Gilmer Kitchens and Bath Ltd. have provided design and remodeling services in and around Delaware. They look into the specific needs of the clients and bring their vision into life by taking care of every detail  during the  remodeling process. They work with the best quality and produce elegant and beautiful contemporary, traditional, transitional,modern, vintage kitchen designs. They are hands-on professionals who work according to the taste of the clients.

9. American Craftsmen  

American Craftsmen break the project into manageable steps and coordinate with the clients from start to finish. They provide a full layout and 3D rendering to help clients visualize their desired kitchen remodeling layout. Further, they show transparency and integrity in their work and customers can keep a track of their work. The remodeling process includes analysis, construction and execution. American Craftsmen take every task whether small or complex with professionalism and craftmanship. 

10. Bromwell Construction 

Bromwell Construction are leading and reputed contractors in kitchen remodeling in Wilmington and Delaware. They have decades of experience in this particular niche and rank among the top ranking kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington. They enhance the grace and comfort of your kitchens by using their jaw-dropping designs in  contemporary, retro, country and chef’s style kitchens. Their skilled and NKBA certified craftsmen work on minute details to bring out the best out of the remodeling project.

Remodeling does many benefits to a house, from making it a beautiful and livable space for the homeowner to increasing its resale value. Any remodeling project requires expertise and adequate experience, hence, it is important to find a good contractor like B&B Contracting, the best among the kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE, who can understand clients’ requirements and provide them with the best solutions and services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should we select the best kitchen remodeling contractors in  Wilmington,DE for our home ?

The expertise, experience, affordability, workmanship, communication and on time completion of the project are some of the attributes we should look for while selecting the kitchen remodeling contractor. 

2.Which is the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Wilmington, DE?

B&B Contracting is the best among the top ranking kitchen remodeling contractors in Wilmington, DE.

3.What do  kitchen remodeling contractors do?

Kitchen remodeling contractors make changes in the kitchen area to get an improved look and better functionality of this space.

4. What areas are included in a kitchen remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling includes improvements and renovations in cabinets, floors, countertops, backsplash and tiles, kitchen islands etc.

5. Why is kitchen remodeling required?

Kitchen remodeling is required to increase the functionality, livability and aesthetics of the kitchen.It also increases the resale value of the house.