Small Changes in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Wlilmington Kitchen remodel

Wilmington, DE, is a quiet and gentle place to live. While Delaware is not the largest state in the US, it attracts individuals who want amenities yet have their share of peace. Wilmington is especially attractive to individuals as it is the largest city in DE, yet it is low on crime. Property owners care about the lifestyle offered in Wilmington, DE. It is also the county seat of Delaware. 

The average homeowner spends approximately 300,000 and up for a home in Wilmington, with the average home selling in less than 22 days, according to real estate facts. It is essential then to ensure that the bathroom, which is next to the kitchen, is up to date as both these home spaces are where most homeowners spend the majority of their time. 

The more a space in a home is used, the more upkeep and restoration/remodeling it will need. That just makes sense. This is where B & B Contracting of Wilmington, DE, comes in. This company has decades of experience in bathroom and kitchen remodeling and brings decades of expertise in the latest trends that residents seek, all at affordable prices. 

Affordable Small Approaches to Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling–Wilmington

It is possible for B&B Contracting to do a “full-on” kitchen and bathroom remodel. However, sometimes homeowners simply want minor upgrades, and this also is an option. Homeowners can avail themselves of a free estimate by this company with decades of experience and are never “oversold.” The budget is discussed, as well as how much work will show the best improvement. 

Some minor upgrades can include the following if a full remodel is not on a homeowner’s mind or within their budget at present: 

  •    Kitchen backsplashes

That, of course, is the panel or barrier between the stove, sink, or cabinet spaces that prevent a wall from being “splashed” by grease or simply yellowing from cooking steam. The backsplash is cleaned quite a bit and can become dry and discolored, taking away from the overall aesthetic of a kitchen. 

There are many different types of backsplashes of varying materials and styles on the market now, and they can be used even to add a “pop” of color, refreshing a kitchen in one of the most affordable ways. 

  •    New sinks

Sinks in both the bathroom and kitchen do become worn over time. They also can become outdated, with much older sinks taking up quite a bit of space in either a kitchen or bathroom. It is surprising how much a new sink can add definition and space and enhance the décor in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Shiny stainless sinks, especially in kitchens, are now replacing the older porcelain ones, although these are still on the market but are much sleeker and smaller presently. 

Some sinks are now made out of ceramic as well, which resembles porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic sinks are still in demand because they have a classic look. However, the sinks now are usually partitioned into two sides. Both are used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Pedestal sinks really spruce up a bathroom and, as the name implies, are built on a pedestal. Cabinetry is generally added around these sinks to accommodate td space.

  •    New cabinetry

Entire cabinetry can be replaced in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, or a simple replacement of the front-facing doors can be done. These exhibit the most wear and tear and do show signs of aging rapidly. 

Cabinet spruce-ups can really only be refinishing, or what is called refacing, which replaces the front face. The sides and backs of cabinets can hold up better than the fronts, and simple refinishing or refacing can have a remarkable yet affordable effect on the aesthetic of a bathroom or kitchen remodel. 

In business since 2001, B & B Contracting brings years of experience and offers a free estimate, even if you are not looking for a total kitchen or bathroom remodel. The reputation of this company speaks for itself with the five-star reviews from previous customers. 

Choosing a Reputable Kitchen and Bathroom Contractor in Wilmington, DE

Even if only seeking small upgrades, there is a need to be able to trust the contractor of choice. B & B Contracting brings a wealth of experience, superior customer service, and a devotion to the satisfaction of any clients in Wilmington, DE, who are seeking a kitchen and bathroom remodel

In addition, B & B Contracting provides basement refinishing and remodeling. Basement refinishing and remodeling can tie into a bathroom and kitchen remodel as some basements become secondary living quarters. 

Use the convenient online form, email, or call 302-998-7907. 

Do not trust your basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodels or refinishes to anyone but the best! 

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